The pounding headache comes first, as you feel the bed shift from the weight of someone else with you, and it takes a minute to adjust. Sitting up in the bed, there is noises outside the door, and it takes you a moment to realize you're not in your apartment. You're not in his apartment either, you're in a hotel room. Not just any type of hotel room, but it's a large expensive suite, a large bed, everything is large and expensive and the biggest thing is that you can't remember how you got here. As you struggle to sit up, the sounds of the coffee machine start up and you look to your left to find your old duffel bag. The one you only used when you were still stealing with your Dad, when you were still running cons, trying to be a modern day robin hood.

It's filled with cash, and jewelry. It's not the only bag filled, and there are other expensive items in the hotel room. You don't remember how they got there, but as he sits down on the bed next to you and hands you Advil and coffee, he seems sympathetic to you. Tells you that you'll need these, and you nod your thank you as you try to get past your headache.

What are you missing?

It's her idea, of course, because Felicia wants to celebrate after getting a piece of her life back. Of course she has a very unlikely accomplice to thank for that, but she seems to have a working understanding with Killgrave, and she's not about to question it. Besides, he holds the same interests that she has - a little bit of chaos, a little bit of justice, and a lot of expensive items being taken from those who don't deserve it. So what possibly can go wrong?

That's the thing: nothing goes wrong. They both work together so smoothly, that she considers making this a common thing. She's breaking into the vault and clearing it out, while he's smooth talking (or mind controlling, whatever) the security guards, and so when it's time for her to leave, she can just walk straight out the front door with the bags and no one suspects a thing. It's a profitable partnership, one that ends with them getting the producer's suite in The Fox Tower at Foxwoods where they decided to make their play for cash and jewels, and she can't even lie and say she's having a horrible time. Because she's not.

Plus, she owes him for helping her out earlier in the week, and she knows it might have been because of Faith and her connection to Roy, but well, at least Felicia got something out of it too. As if to say, See, girl, it's okay if I'm around once in a while, I clean up the messes you're too scared to fix.

You wince slightly as you take the Advil and chase it with hot coffee, not the smartest move that you've ever made in your life, but it's what you do and somehow it seems to work. The two of you discuss what happened, and he seems almost nervous about seeing your reaction. You tell him you know where you are, because you invited him in the first place, and he's relieved. His reaction confuses you slightly, and it's his words that confuse you more.

Trying to see if you can remember anything from the night or week before, you take out your phone and go to your Instagram feed, finding a photo of the two of you, captioned with what you think are strange nicknames. "Why would I call you 'Killgrave'? That's a weird nickname..." you say, as he looks even more panicked after you ask. So he starts to explain. There's this other you who takes the driver's wheel. Asking her what she remembers, how she remembers people reacting.

What scares you, is that things start to make sense. Because you have some memories -- not of what happened this week, that is still mostly a blur, but you remember using a grappling hook through New York City, stealing precious items and jewels, getting in way over your head, wearing a catsuit that maybe should cover up a little more, and finally deciding that enough was enough; no more nice Felicia. But that's the thing, your name isn't Felicia, and you haven't been in New York for years, and you certainly never wore anything like that. The stealing, well, that you remember, but never that exact item. The name on your phone says Felicia, and you have a connection to this.

It doesn't make sense, but it does at the same time. But it's the notes on your phone that make you flinch. That make you set the coffee down and you fling yourself unattractively across the bed to get the remote as you turn on the TV and go to the news. Reports of Senator Horne's Suicide come up and your eyes start to water, your hand covering your mouth as you move to sit back next to him, and both of you watch the news. Because he knows what this means to you. Besides Michael, he's the only other one who knows.

She throws the Senator against the wall, her hands to his throat, her claws extended, demanding answers from him. She's glad for her suit, giving her that strength and agility that she had missed so much -- it's not that Faith isn't flexible or bendy, she is a gymnast after all -- and it's giving her the upper hand. Felicia is pissed off, angry that this bullshit Senator thinks he can keep coming around and blackmailing her, blackmailing Faith and she's about to dig her claws into his eyes that the door opens.

Faith feels panicked as he walks into the room, but Felicia is amused, and she senses he's different than how Faith normally sees Roy. It's his commanding of the Senator to shut up and the fact that the man immediately obeys that it starts to click. It's when he says Personally, if I'm going to torture someone, I prefer a vague plan that it clicks, and she turns around to snap at him "Aren't you supposed to be purple?" as if that wasn't the worst clap back ever (it was).

There's a weird bickering between the two of them, but there is an understanding. She tells him that she's choosing to trust him because of Faith, and he lets her know that Roy has officially put her on the 'do not use powers on' list. It's enough, and she requests help from him, because she wants things to be clean and easy, and perhaps there is a way they both can benefit from this.

She takes her anger out on the Senator, before Killgrave gives the man his orders, and in an hour, money is being wired into her private bank account. In the next few days, the news will hit, and the Senator will have taken his own life after exposing himself as the corrupt asshole he is. And, because of that, Faith will finally be free.

So, Felicia wants to celebrate.

The news plays on in the background, and you listen as he tells you that he thinks you both somehow made that happen. You don't remember a lot, or much at all, but for some reason, you're okay with this. You feel vindicated, because someone who had taken a part of you away in 2002 has now exposed himself for what he is and he managed to take down others who collaborated with him as well. You worry though, about his reaction. You worry, because you've found yourself growing close to him over the last month, something that wasn't expected, but you don't really want to scare him off. You've told him so much about your life already, because you've had that weird feeling that you couldn't lie around him, and somehow it had lead you here.

But when he says You're free, and puts a hand on your shoulder, something feels different there. Like he's glad he was there to help you, that he upheld the promise he made weeks ago, that as long as he was around, that man would never come after you again. Somehow, he upheld that bargain, and you've never really had anyone to stand by you like that before.

The emotion is overwhelming and in risk if ruining it all, you wrap your arms around him and tell him that if this is really because of both of you, because he helped you, then you owe him. And you thank him, because it's the least you can do.

You have your life back, and you don't have to live in fear anymore, and he's largely the reason for that, even if you don't completely understand how or why. Even if you can't really remember last week, you'll remember this; you'll make sure you'll never forget it.

Maybe things are finally starting to look up.