The weekend had been a blast, and while you don't particularly want to return to Boston, it's strange being on a vacation with a group of shifters. With your partner in crime with you, the two of you decide to head back into the city. It had been a very good weekend for Faith, as you can hear her gushing in your head over a particular conversation that had been said on Friday night, and well even you can't help but smile at it. Not that it flows to you while you're awake, but you know why she feels that way, why he feels that way, and you're happy for them both. You're not exactly sure how that works with the arrangement that you have with Killgrave here, but you're not stupid enough to test that. Besides, you work well together. He's proven very useful, and you know you've proven the same, so there's no reason to ruin a very profitable arrangement.

The two of you part ways, as he heads back to his place to take care of some things, and you head up to yours. You've got a cat to feed, a club to check up on, and casinos to map out. You've quite liked the weird little tradition of casino hopping that you've done the last two times you've been around, and if this week is anything like the last two, you're bound to make out like a bandit, and be even richer.

But, you find out very quickly that it isn't going to be like the last two times.

(You remember how Faith and Roy had a conversation about October, about how bad the weeks can get, and that he told her that she was lucky that she hadn't experienced a rough week. She didn't want to believe it could be bad for her, because she's finally gotten everything she wants. You're cursing that moment now.)

They're waiting for you in the apartment when you open the door, and without your suit, you don't have your powers. Probability manipulation makes it so when they shoot you, the bullets don't hit major parts of you and the bullets go through completely, but it still fucking hurts like hell. Regenerative healing isn't something you have, and you silently curse that you don't have it.

You fight like hell, you punch, you dodge, but without your suit, you don't have the strength that you need to fight back. You rely on everything else that you know, that Faith knows, but it doesn't matter -- when they pick up a chair and slam it over your head and it doesn't matter how much you were fighting, it all goes black.

When you wake up, you're tied up to a pole, standing up. The ropes are tight, your clothes are ripped, and you start screaming your head off. If you only had your claws, if you only had your suit, you wouldn't have been in this situation. You'd be getting yourself out of here, and you wouldn't have been caught like this.

Goons come walking in and start immediately asking you about the Gems, and you try to reason with them, "If you need gems, I'm your girl, I can steal anything you need. For a price, of course." This gets you punched in the face, as you spit out blood and they punch you in the stomach, which makes you lose your air, your head hanging low. They tell you they know you know where the gems are, where the infinity gems are, and you need to tell them immediately. Only, you don't know where they are. You've heard of them, you keep your ear to the ground and you know what to look for, at least back in Hell's Kitchen. Or the one you know of. But this? This isn't anything you can help with.

You tell them you don't know, and you try to fight back, you head butt some of the guys, but this just causes more hitting. More cutting of knives. More torture.

The interrogation lasts for hours, and you're exhausted. You can hear Faith in your head saying that you have to find a way to get out, but you're in a room with no windows. You're in a room with nothing but a chair and the pole that you're tied to, and more goons coming in for torture by the minute.

You're not sure how long it's been, and you've tried to give them the answers that they want, but nothing matters. The screaming gets rougher on your throat and you still try your hardest to fight back, but it's been hours now and you're starting to wonder if you're going to get out.

If she doesn't know anything, we will find someone who does. One of the goons say, and you hang your head low, pretending to be out of it, so you can gather information. Boss says she's got two of those freaks she's close to. We'll get them to come to us. Okay. Sending for more people? That would...wait. With your head low, you hear the other goon reply: Oh, what that Purple jackass and the blind one? Don't see why not, we could have fun with that.

The goons leave the room and the metal door is shut and bolted shut, and it's once you think that they're gone that you start to do what you can to move and get out of the ties that you've got. If the guys that took you are going to try to go after the two closest men in your life, then there would be a lot more to worry about than just getting yourself out. Because there's no way that Killgrave and Daredevil will work together to help you -- that is if they don't kill each other first. If either of them even decided to show up. Then there is the part of you, there is Faith who wants to protect them, to keep Roy and Michael away from all of this, to protect them.

Moving your arms enough, you're able to get one arm free and then the other, as you make quick work of the ropes and start to work on your feet. It only takes a bit, but you're free and you're running towards the only exit, when the door opens and the goons return.

You try to make a run for it anyway, you dodge, you use your acrobatics to get around them, but then another larger goon comes in and immediately picks you up and tosses you halfway across the room and you hit the wall hard, and fall to the floor with a heavy thump.

Once more, everything goes black.