There are a few things that suck when you've been kidnapped and tortured by some lackies thinking they know everything. The first is that since you didn't have your suit on you, your strength was gone, your weapons were gone, and there was nothing that you could do to fight back. And sure, they shot you and cut you a few times, but you had luck on your side and so nothing was bad enough that you could have died from it. Shot through the arm (and you're not to blame) but these assholes really gave kidnappers a bad name. Mostly because they kept bitching at you about "Infinity Gems" and you don't give a fuck about gems unless you can steal them and wear them and use them for your own goal.

And you're in the middle of bitching at the lackies when you hear it: two grown men bickering at each other and you hear one of them call out a command but you can't hear the words. But when every one of the lackies in the room holding a gun immediately puts their guns to their heads and pulls the trigger, you don't react how a normal person would have reacted to that. Because a normal person would have screamed and been frighted. Instead, you're excited and grinning from ear to ear, and okay maybe you're a little turned on too but no one else really needs to know that. But it's a clear sign that he's here, and that means you know who the other man is that he's bickering with.

You make a note to tease the hell out of him coming to your rescue later, because neither one of you are about that 'hero' bullshit, or at least you're not anymore and he never was, but right now your biggest focus is getting the hell out of there. But there will be teasing later.

And so the odd couple comes into the room to rescue you, and they get you out of the chains and just as you're about to leave, you grab Matt's gun and shoot the remaining men in the room, because god dammit you've been wanting to do that all fucking day. Or week. You still have no idea what day it is or what time it is. One of them is trying to play the hero (Matt), one of them is bitching about his knee (Killgrave), and god you've never felt more happy to be between the two of them as you are right now.

It's still dark out, but the sun is starting to come up, and by the time they help you out, you're starting to get a little delusional from the blood loss and the pain. Matt helps you into Killgrave's not at all obvious purple rolls royce, and it's not until they talk about taking you back to your apartment that you flinch. You can't go back there, it's where you've been taken, and you suddenly realize that you can never really go back there again. So on top of being shot, and bleeding out, and most likely needing to pay for cleaning out the back of the car, you have to buy a new place to live. At least you've got all that money at your disposal.

Matt departs to check on your club and your home, and to figure out how your cat is, while Killgrave brings you to a hotel that isn't like the ones you both usually stay in, but it's better to lay low for a while. Your connections help you get a doctor to stitch you up, clean you up, and get a cast on you, and once the doctor leaves and you're set up with medications, he leaves and you're alone in the hotel room.

You pass out from the pain and the medication, finally getting sleep and you pass out for the rest of the day and into the night.

It's later that night that you finally wake up and you start to reach out to people you hadn't heard from, and you reach out to Gwen first off. You explain what happened, and the two of you snark wonderfully about what happened, because you're incapable of chatting with your (faith's?) best friend without some sass, and she tells you that she's out on the town. You warn her to be careful, because of what happened to you, and you ask for her to check in when she's home.

She doesn't check in. And when her father the Police commissioner puts out a request for help, you get pissed off. Because you know something happened, and it has to be the lackies, or someone else as equally fucked up.

What you need isn't in this hotel room, so you pet your cat (that Matt so nicely brought over) and against the wishes of people you know would be pissed, you head over to your apartment. You need something there, after all.

When you get to your apartment building, the doorman says he's sorry about the state of your place, and you just shrug, as you gesture to your arm in the cast and sling, and walk past him as you head for the elevators. You can already tell that Matt's done his best to fix up your place, but as you get to the door and just tap it, it immediately falls over. Okay. Well. That's gonna suck to fix. So you step over the door and head into the apartment, and don't even bother to try to pick up all the broken picture frames, furniture, glass, and everything else that busted around the place. You know what you're looking for.

In the bedroom, where of course everything is tossed all over the place, you go to the back of the closet, where you have a safe, that oddly has not been broken into. Safe unlocked, you bring out what is inside - your catsuit, and your other accessories. But this time, you see two things that weren't here before.

For starters, your sleep darts, which are always helpful, and if you had your suit on you when you were attacked that would have helped immensely. You set them to the side, as you pick up your suit and start to get into it, or at least the best you can with your cast. Grumbling, you pull the sleeves up above the cast, and you pocket one of your gloves, while you pull up the rest of the suit - it's taking way too long to get into this suit and god that's pissing you off even more. Maybe it's not a good idea to go out, you've got a cast on, you're hurt, and you certainly don't have regenerative healing properties.

But then you see the second items. They're shining like diamonds, because that's what they are. Diamond claws, three of them for your right hand. You put them on carefully over your other claws and you grin. Because these claws are not like your other ones. These claws put you on the same level as your purple-loving ‘boyfriend'. You always did love mind control.

So when you're suited up, and you're ready to go, you make sure you have everything and you grab a gun (pearl grips, of course) just in case. And you call him, because while you'd love to do this on your own, you're going to need help. Or at least, a little company. When he picks up, you immediately tell him about your friend and how she was taken, and that you're going out to get payback. He doesn't seem interested at first, because he's questioning your theory that it might have been lackies who took your friend. But when you say that you want payback and you don't care, that you're going out on your own, he steps up. Just like you knew he would.

"No, we're going because there's safety in numbers and because I can use Roy's investigative mind. With everything that's going on, I don't know if it's lackeys or something else," he tells you, and you can practically hear the wheels turning in his head, and you smirk.

"oh so you do want to join me, good," you laugh, looking at the diamond tip claws, and raise an eyebrow at a thought, "though since when do you care about safety?"

There's a long pause before he finally replies, and when he does you're practically giddy with excitement. "I'm bored and I want to shoot someone."

"There it is!" you laugh, as you start to head out of the apartment, "There's the guy I know. Let's go fuck shit up." You tell him where to meet you and you step over the broken door once more, as a neighbor comes to look out. "Oh, the hulk broke my door. Sorry." You shrug, as you practically skip to the elevator, excited to see who and what you'll run into because you're pissed off, you're raging, and you need revenge.

So, it's a beginning to once again showing that you're the one in control, and no one fucks with you. So you had a bit of uncharacteristically bad luck, so what? Now your luck was about to change.

Hell hath no fury like a Black Cat scorned.