It doesn't matter how she got to this point, but she's angry and pissed off, and she supposes that maybe that's all a horrible combination with her brand new 'Amazonian' powers but right now she doesn't care. She is desperate for things to feel normal. She wants things to be normal and how they were last month and now she's so beyond pissed off that she needs to do something about it.

So she leaves her penthouse and goes out, knowing exactly where she's going. There's a brand new high end jewelry store that's opened up down the street, and she's going to rob it fucking blind. Because that's what's normal. That's what she's used to, and she's doing it alone, because she should have always just done things alone in the first place. Alliances are stupid, because they always go south - she's always used and thrown out and she's done with it. Faith is in her head screaming for her to stop, to go back home, to just not do anything stupid, but Felicia isn't listening.

She doesn't have her catsuit, but she can fly so that has to count for something, so instead of using her old catlike abilities to scale up a building, she just flies up, sticking to the shadows and lands on the roof. Looking around, at first she doesn't think there is anyone up here, as she starts to think of her plan. How she'll break in, steal everything, get out, and take off on a vacation for the next year. She wants as far from Boston as possible right now, despite how much Faith is telling her to stop, to turn around, to go home, to stay calm.

So Felicia starts to head towards the skylight, and is prepared to break in, but she sees a looming figure already there. And she knows exactly who it is.

If he's going to get in her way, she's at least going to take out her anger on him -- because at least with him, both Faith and Felicia are not happy to see him.

Felicia knows she's not going to be able to surprise him, specially when she walks a lot harder down with these new powers, and so she doesn't try. She curls her fists up, eyes narrowed as she storms towards him. "Hi Matt," She says in a sing song voice and a grin, and immediately punches him in the face, sending him flying across the roof. "You know, I am just having the worst week," She says as she lifts him up by his collar. Murdock, to his effect, doesn't fight her back. He pleads with her. He tells her that she doesn't really want to do this. He tries to convince her to just go home and leave. He says he doesn't know why she called him ‘Matt' and maybe she should stop fighting him at this point, but Felicia is just so angry that she's not listening. Michael says he's not going to fight her, she's his ‘sister' and he still cares for her even if she's keen on cutting him completely out of her life and this makes her even more pissed off. Because he knows what he did. He knows what he did to Faith, what he said to her, how he disrespected her and the person she loves, and she's not listening to his 'holier than thou' pleas. Rolling her eyes, she throws him into the wall of an adjoining building, and lets go of his shirt, as he falls to the roof top.

He looks at her panicked, and he tells her he's not gonna fight her.

"You don't get to fucking say that, Matt. Michael. Whoever the fuck you are right now," She hissed at him. She doesn't have any of Wonder Woman's items with her, because well, that woman was all about lecturing her, and that is the last thing that Felicia wants right now. She can't use the items, fine. Felicia has other ways to get her anger out, and right now, she's decided to set her eyes on Matt. "Because you're all the fucking same. You. Eddie. Harry. Peter. Him," She hisses, listing off names that she knows Michael won't get if he's not really Matt right now -- and judging on how he's talking, he's not Matt at all.

For some fucked up reason, that's not stopping her.

She's frustrated, she's pissed off, and she's screaming, "You are all the same! You take advantage of me," She screams as she punches and he dodges her, "You use me," she goes again and hits him in the side and he finally starts to get up to fight back, "And you toss me to the side! Who the fuck died and made you fucking assholes the kings of everything?"

At first, he really does try to get through to her, to get through to Faith. And looking back on this later, Felicia might appreciate that. But right now, it's anything but appreciated, because right now, Felicia doesn't want reason. She wants to hit someone who won't eventually get their healing back, because she wants to leave a fucking mark and prove that she's not one to be fucked with. But he still tries. He tries to get through to Faith, and Felicia laughs, "You really think Faith wants anything to do with you? After what you've done to her?" She scoffs and dodges artfully out of the way as he starts to fight her back. They go head to head, toe to toe, fighting and getting out aggression, but she's stronger and has healing, and he has anything but. He can't hurt her, but he's sure trying to, as he punches her as hard as he can, and she just laughs.

The fight goes on for an hour, trying to get the upper hand, trying to see who could beat the other, and Felicia ended up winning, as she grabbed him by the shirt once more and threw him hard against the wall once more. She walked towards him slowly, "You know the worst part?" She asks, as she walks up to Michael, and bends down in front of him, "The worst part is that you are exactly like him," She starts, never saying a name and maybe that's her first mistake. "You both are obsessed with controlling me. You are both obsessed with getting your way. You're both selfish. You're both people who take advantage. You're self involved and rely too much on your abilities, that you just can fucking see what's right in front of you." She paused, "Offense intended, by the way," She says, as if Michael will understand the joke, which, if he has Matt's memories, he will. If not, then she just seems crazier than before, and right now she's crazy. "And you're so fucking obsessed with killing or arresting the other that you should just fuck and get it over with."

This comment gets him to look at her with a raised eyebrow, and starts to say the name of who he's thinking of, but he says the wrong name, and that makes it worse. Because it just serves to remind her that they're all different from their other sides, and yet somehow Faith and Felicia are a little more blended than most. It's the accidental slip of him almost saying Roy instead of Killgrave that gets her to stop.

She sighs heavily. They stare at each other, and he reaches for her, but she moves away. If he says anything to her, she doesn't hear it, as she stands up and wipes his blood off her hand on her shirt.

"Forget you saw me." She finally says, a moment of guilt coming over her, as she takes a final look at him. He's bleeding, he's cut up and bruised, and she's the one who caused it. So then in that way, she's no better than him. Either side of him. Hell, now she's no better than the man who got her so angry in the first place.

Felicia looks at him with sadness as she heads for the fire escape ladder on the side of the building, figuring flying off right now would look weird. As if her using super strength against the man who was once her best friend and as close to her as a brother wasn't weird enough.

"Michael, one more thing," She says as she sighs heavily, and swallows hard. Faith tells her to do this, because it's easier this way. Because it's going to give him a reason to hate her and maybe that's what he needs. Hell, maybe it's what she needs. Distance. To get out of feeling like she's in the middle of some Batman and Joker reject story. Only, she has picked a side. Maybe she's crazy for doing so.

"You're fired."

She turns her back on him, leaving him bloody and bruised on the rooftop, and walks down the stairwell on the side of the building, starting the walk home.

When she returns to Faith's penthouse, her house guest is still there, surprisingly, and on a computer using new powers he gained to rob everyone blind. Faith is happy to see him, but Felicia just sighs heavily and goes to the kitchen for beer. Not that she can get drunk. She comes back, hands one of the beers to him, and grabs the nearest piece of paper. She writes down a series of names, addresses, and phone numbers. "These are corrupt clients. Start with their accounts. The rest we can figure out later." As she hands the paper to him, he notices the blood on her knuckles and asked her what the hell happened.

"I just did what you couldn't," She says, but there's no victory or amusement to her voice, as she lifts the beer to her lips. "Now hurry up, I wanna go to the Dita show."

He looks at her with wide eyes, and for once, Killgrave keeps his mouth shut. She's thankful.