Like everything good in her life, it ends. It doesn't matter that it was approaching six months, and that she was the happiest she could have been, it always ends up that way. Once she's comfortable, once she's happy, once she feels in complete control of her life, that's when everything falls apart. In that respect, she should have seen it coming. Should have realized that at the end of the day, maybe she was giving more than she was getting, as it always was. A voice in the back of her head tells her that her old friend was right, but even that makes her angry. Because well, he's gone too. She doesn't want to admit to it, but right now she feels completely and utterly alone. Dramatic? Sure. But she never was one to deny how she felt.

She hates how much she misses people. How much she misses him and it's only been a few days. She tells herself that everything happens for a reason, and she hopes that he'll be able to find the peace that he so desperately needs. She hopes that he'll be able to find someone who can give him what he needs, because she clearly wasn't that person. Even when she wanted to be. Even when she had hoped she would be. It doesn't matter now. None of it matters now.

Breakups are never easy. It's one of the reasons why Faith never bothers with relationships. Now she has two major relationships in her past. One of a fiancee that passed away, and one that is still so recent that it stings to even think about. But she has to. She has to if she is going to pick up and move on with her life.

But she wonders, did she reveal too much? Was she too much, too soon? Did she push, when she should have just stayed and not said anything at all? She spends the day after just asking herself a million questions that she can't get the answer to, that she won't get the answer to. She was in love, desperately so. And well, sometimes that's not enough. So she asks what she did wrong. What she could have done differently. And she tortures herself with the thoughts.

In the days that follow, she spends the time cleaning her apartment. Removing anything that reminds her of him; but unfortunately as he helped her get this apartment set up, everything here reminds her of him. Of the future that she had seen with him, of the page that apparently they weren't on together. Of how she had thought that maybe, just maybe, he was the one. She takes the time to stop, to breathe, to take a drink because she needs to feel numb. She has to stop thinking.

It's about picking herself up now. It's about becoming who she had been before she had met him, it was about putting that diamond hard wall up around her once more, making it impenetrable to get through. Because she can't do it again, and she knows that. She can't let just anyone in anymore, because she isn't sure she can survive another downfall. And she knows, she knows she owes a lot to him. He was the reason that she got her freedom in a way, he was the reason she took control of her life again. But now, he was gone. And even despite the pain, the despite how much she wanted to hate him for that, she just wanted him to be happy. To find what truly could make him happy. She couldn't hate him. Even if she wanted to.

She clears out her apartment. She cleans it from top to bottom. She starts to make schedules and lists, she decides that she has to throw herself into work. To keep busy. She sets up interviews for security detail, for bouncers, for heads of security. She sets up meetings with staff. She sets up meetings with high profile clients who have been requesting business meetings with her. She decides to look into expanding her business. She even looks into getting an interior decorator to redecorate the office. Anything to keep busy.

But no matter what she does, all weekend her mind drifts back to the future she doesn't have in front of her anymore. Of all her ideas and plans are shot. Of how different her life is, and once again she has to pick up the pieces. She's done it before, of course, at this point it's a rite of passage. Men come and go. Be it exes, friends, or even her father. Even That puts a bad taste in her mouth, as the gifts from her 'father' still sit on her counter in the kitchen, the email still sits in her inbox, starred. The promise of contacting her, and yet he hasn't shown up. Typical, she thinks. To get her hopes up to only see them crushed. It's so pathetic to be thinking this way, but that's being human for you; when you're already down, things just kick you harder.

It's late on Wednesday night, that Faith sits at her dining room table. A bottle of wine in front of her that she's just drinking out of (because who needs to impress anyone anymore), and her laptop, working away. Keeping herself busy. Contacting her business associates. Even considering going into her old work. She wants to feel vengeful, but she can't and she won't. She wants to feel like she can fight anyone and everything, but she can't. She isn't that person anymore. She just feels...lost.

As she takes a drink from the bottle, there's a knock on her door. She sets the bottle down, sighing as she walks over to the door. It's most likely a neighbor asking for something. Or management asking for early rent, or something that she doesn't want to deal with. She doesn't look through the peephole of the door, she just answers it expecting it to just be something unimportant.

Instead, as she opens the door, she sees her father. Looking a little older than she had last seen him, but it was him. He smiles at her softly, and he swallows hard. Faith stares at him with wide eyes, as if she's waiting for a confirmation that it's really him.

"Hi pumpkin," He finally says, his voice breaking, and Faith feels her eyes water up. She waits. She takes a shaky breath in, feeling that she's on the verge of losing it. She watches as he starts to get emotional, "You have no idea how much I've missed you."

That breaks her, as she starts to sob, breaking down in the doorway of her penthouse apartment, and he steps forward to catch her in his arms as she feels her knees give out. She wraps her arms tightly around his neck, and cries. Walter Harris repeats over and over that he's here, that he's not going anywhere again, and he has a lot to tell her. They stay like that for a while, just hugging before she breaks away, and wipes at her eyes. She clears her throat, and moves out of the doorway so he can come in, and she shuts the door behind him.

Just as he had helped her before when she needed her life to be put back together, he was here now again. With complications of course, there was a lot that needed to be answered. But for now, Faith at least felt she had something to help tether her again. No matter how old, sometimes, a girl just needs her dad.