Really, does anyone ever get used to this new way of life? Being two people, at all times, on the border of seeming completely psychotic? You remind yourself constantly that it's okay that you're both blended in together now, because it makes sense. But for anyone else who might have been unprepared, that'd be a lot to take in. Right?

Truth is, you don't talk to anyone else who is a full time shifter, so you wouldn't begin to know how others handled things. Simply because you don't really see the need to be open with others anymore, not after the ways you've been burned in the past. You're not like some women, who after going through a breakup that is messy and unresolved decide to turn to bad decisions and shifty choices. You just got pissed for a week, then you sucked it up, you moved on, you threw yourself into your business, into the next steps of your company.

Sure, shutting down the main club was going to be a trick, and you still needed to inform your employees of the change, but the new casino was going to bring you far more money that you imagined. Bringing in aspects of the club to boost the sales and attendance, and things were going to be going well. The more you focused on business, the better you felt.

That was, until he came back into your life. And after the first time he shifted, you knew. You knew who he was and what he was capable of and you didn't tell him. You didn't tell him the truth, because you're not exactly sure what Victor von Doom would do with you anyway, and you curse yourself for apparently having a thing for egotistical and selfish villains. Though for some reason, he seems different than you remember from ‘the old days', but you're not sure why or what changed. Victor doesn't seem to be bothered too much by you when you shift, and when the shift is over, Nate is still around to bother the hell out of you (teasingly, he says, because he won't admit to any other reasoning).

And you're not sure what comes over you when you tell him that you want to go on vacation and you want him to come with you. You're not sure why you're allowing yourself get entwined with a man of his caliber once again, but as Felicia you like the chase and as Faith you enjoy the thrill of trying to get back to that carefree, devious woman that you were when you first met.

Tokyo is a place you've never been and a place you've always wanted to go, and it doesn't surprise you when he says he has a place there. He seems to have a place everywhere, and for once you like not being the one who plans everything. He tells you where you'll be staying, and you tell him when you'll be leaving. It's the best of all worlds, and it's exciting, to have that feeling bubbling up in you once more. Of course, you won't admit to what it is. That would be telling, that would be ending the game too soon.

And with it almost being a year since everything started to change for you, you're okay with this development. After all, no one ever really gets used to this type of life anyway, so you might as well enjoy it.